Flying Above Patterson

Cheryl Patterson

Cheryl was born and raised in London, England, and has been an avid traveler since visiting Venice at the age of 8. During her school years, she traveled extensively throughout Europe and the Mediterranean and her early passion for travel romanced her into earning a degree in Travel & Tourism with distinctions at age 18.

Cheryl's career has taken her from travel agencies and tour operators in the UK to American Airlines in the US. It was while in Tucson, Arizona, that she first gave scuba a try, and in a breath, her second passion was born. She went on to earn her instructor certificate in order to share her love for diving with others, and when she can, she continues to teach today.

Cheryl recognized a large gap in these industries when it came to providing full customer service and an honest and quality product to scuba enthusiasts. Between travel and diving, it seemed only natural to combine her two passions into one, and thus, Deep Blue Adventures, Cheryl's highly successful full service dive travel company, was created. Cheryl's deep love for the sport fuels her goal to provide the scuba community properly and completely, and at the same time show that above and below and everywhere in between, there is an untold story to share with the planet.

Bonaire and Curacao – Dive vacations as easy as ABC

Most people have not heard of these two little islands until they become a diver, then suddenly at least one is top of their bucket list. If you have never been before, find out why the Dutch Caribbean should be your next dive vacation destination. If you are fortunate enough to have been to these islands, we still have plenty of tips, tricks and some personal recommendations and recollections you are sure to enjoy, as well as many reasons why, regardless of your dive experience, Bonaire and Curacao are each places you can easily return to time and time again.